Need help for overclocking an old 4200+ x2

Hey Forum :)
I need help overclocking my 4200+ x2 cpu , i have a Hyper 212 Plus on it and a J&W 690G mobo under it :P
So i know that it's a bad overclocker and all of that stuff but i want to get it stable at 3 Ghz sharp so ... atm i got it on 2.6 Ghz with vcore-1.425 and its quite stable but i need to go higher and i don't wanna test it all the way up so if anyone is familiar with the CPU please feel free to comment :)
My Gratidute to you!
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  1. I'm sure I read that chip had a max vcore of 1.4v. Can't quite remember (can someone confirm this?). Be careful with upping the voltage in any case.

    When you try to get to 2.7 or 2.8 what happens? Does it crash? Blue screen? Have you actually hit a wall or just worried about pushing it?
  2. Well the limit is 1.525 V
    its on 2.7Ghz atm and the vcore on 1.5 V and sometimes i get blue screen and i reboot it ...the temps are fine 57 C max but i cant get it stable im so frustrated !
  3. If you dial it back to 2.6GHz is it stable?
  4. ^ +1

    I had a windsor and clocked 400mhz above stock without changing any voltages.
  5. WOW ... i got it stable at 2.65 Ghz
    damn im not in the mood for spending money on a new one , money's tight right now :P
    thanks so much guys your a bunch of help
  6. That's still a 450MHz overclock which is a nice bump. Keep it at that until you can afford a new CPU and then just upgrade. (Y)
  7. If you can track down the X2 5000 Black edition you'll get at LEAST 3GHz out of it if your board has CPU multiplier control; fleabay may have a cheap CPU for you or one of the forums like this ;)
  8. Quote:
    might be an option if you can get the chip for cheap becuase it's really time for new build..

    It depends on the uses of the PC, I have that CPU in a friend's PC at 2.8GHz with 4GB of HyperX at 800MHz and an 8800GT and he plays WoW nearly up full at 1440x900 so lower res' monitors with similar GPU and CPU will play most games fine as far as I'm concerned and may take a few seconds more encoding/ ripping/ converting file types but then it's time to get the kettle on isn't it? :lol:
  9. I agree with both of you. Personally I wouldn't buy a med-level chip for a little extra speed.. especially as he'll never get any money for his current CPU.. and instead would build a new computer. But if he doesn't actually need anything more and/or is on a smaller monitor - there is no rush to build new.
  10. Oh, you'd be better getting yourself a good AMD 785/ 790 etc board and one of the "Athlon II X2 5000+" CPUs from fleabay. I've got this thing up from a dual core 2.2GHz CPU with NO L3 cache to a Phenom II X4 920 (2.8GHz quad w/ 6MB L3 cache) just by unlocking using ACC and then getting CPU clock up to 250MHz. Board and CPU will sting you about £100, beat THAT Intel!
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