Motherboard runs, but no display

I am new to this blog , i hope i get some help here.

So i bought a NEW GIGABYTE MA790X-UD4P motherboard and installed it in my own made barebone kit.
Now the mother board runs fine but i am not getting any display on my monitor.
What are the common things i should be looking at.
I have checked my Ram. Now one thing i noticed that i am not getting the usual beep from my motherboard that comes usually before the display.

I am running the following kit.

AMD Phenom 9550 2.60GHz
8GB SLI ready Ram
650 Watt Ultra PSU
Nvidia 9800 Cooler.

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  1. You won't get any beeps without a speaker connected to the board, though a few boards have them built in. I would remove the board from the case and check underneath for any loose objects or out of position standoffs. All standoffs have to be located under an open mounting hole. Any under circuitry will cause problems.
  2. okay lets ignore the beep then.

    I checked my mother board there isn't anything lose or hanging off. I know you are talking about shortage underneath the board. but if thats the case i should have no power in my board. Instead my board runs just normal, but no display show up on screen.
    I have kept my machine very simple but advance.
    Any other stuff i should look at ?
  3. You should go through every step in this checklist. It was created to troubleshoot problems exactly like yours.

    #2 on the checklist is the most common mistake.
  4. AMDknight said:
    okay lets ignore the beep then.

    You cannot ignore the beep.

    With your system not working, the system (or case) speaker is your most valuable troubleshooting aid. Right now, you have three decision points that affect the path you need to take for troubleshooting:
    1. Silence or beeps.
    2. Different beeps.
    3. Single short beep (good) but still no display.

    If you cannot hear the beeps or absence of beeps, you have no idea what is going on and the proper troubleshooting path to take.

    You need to install a system speaker. Otherwise you are limited to blindly changing parts. If you have a second computer with all compatible parts, that would be a plan, excessively suboptimal, yes, but a plan.
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