How to remove write protection from sd card?

Okay here's what happened.
- I have an SD card (for my camera) and a while back the lock switch broke off. It still worked fine (a.k.a it wasn't on card lock) in my camera, laptop and PalmZire so I didn't think much of it.
- Today the card was in my Canon camera on my desk, and the guy next to me took out my SD card and put it in his Nikon camera... then suddenly it said 'Card Lock' on his camera. He took it out and put it back in my camera but my camera said 'Card Lock' as well, even though it had been working fine before he had put it in to his camera.
-Using the pointy bit of a compass we tried to toggle where the lock was so it would unlock, but that wouldn't work.
-Now at home, I inserted my SD card into my laptop. I clicked on the SD card and there's a new DSC file called Nikon001, and in the DCIM folder, next to 100CANON folder (I have a canon camera) there is a folder called 101NIKON (the guy had a nikon camera). My computer won't let me delete the nikon file and folder.
- I installed a program to delete these files, but the program told me that i need to remove write protection.
- So, I was wondering, how do I remove write protection from an SD card? Or is there something else I should do?
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  1. Sounds like time to just go and buy a new SD card...
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