Intel Core i7 or similar grade xeon

Well, I am ordering soon and would like to know, would it be better to get a similar price and grade xeon over a i7 920? I mostly play games, do some photo/video editing, CS4, and your average stuff. There are some xeons i found that cost around the same as the 920 and have similar power so which would you guys recommend?
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  1. I would get the i7.
    Your motherboard selection would probalby be more limited with the Xeon, and be more expensive. And the motherboard in turn may limit your RAM selection (e.g. to ECC only RAM if it is a server MB.
  2. clock for clock the xeon can be slower thanks to registered/buffered etc ram at lower frequencies and motherboards optimized for stabilitiy/reliability for a long time rather then performance - dont bother
  3. Yeah, I was thinking that i might of have to gone with a more expensive server-grade motherboard. However I will get an i7, it should do everything i need according to many sources. I will just go with the 920 in that case.
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