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Would a Dual Xeon E5520 Quad Core be any good for gaming, i have spare parts laying around due to i over ordered for my business expansion. So i was wondering if i could convert a server into a gaming pc.

Spec would be Dual Xeon E5520 Quad Core 2.26ghz QPI: 5.86GT/sec
4u / tower barbones workstation kit , has 2 x PCIe 2.0 (i dont know if it does SLI)
24GB ddr3 1066 mhz Ram (12 x 2GB) ECC UDIMM (unregistered)
865 watt continuous power supply
2 x 73gb SAS 15,000 Rpm harddrives Raid 0

All i would need to buy is 1 GTX 295.

just wondering if this would be practical for gaming.

Cost does not matter, all i would have to pay is 500$ for a GTX 295

I usually use these for servers for my business but right now i have a extra one laying around.
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  1. I'd say it won't be much better than a standard i7
  2. the mobo that my barbones have dont allow overclocking , but they do have HPET don't know if that would help for gaming at all.

    After checking Benchmarks. (going to have to test it my self)
    Dual E5520 outperforms i-975 CPU Wise, dont know about graphics wise.
  3. That cpu benchmark you linked is about as useful as a road killed cat for judging game performance.From a pure gaming standpoint the second cpu would be doing nothing but idling,most games have trouble making use of a single quad never mind 2.I'd guess your lower clocked server parts would run 10% slower than a i7 920 if both where pushing a gtx 295. But hey if you only have to buy a vid card to make it fly,why not.
  4. Umm, yea, Id say your better off selling the extra and getting an actual gaming setup.
  5. Simple answer, no.
    No game utilised more than 3threads currently. With two E5520 you'll have 8core/16threads. The utilised threads will just go to waste, idling. Performance will mainly be dictated by IPC/core in this case.
  6. ^ Agree there.
    Dual Xeon quads for gaming, at 2.26ghz? Sounds really impressive doesn't it?
    Well, it won't be impressive once you start trying to game on it. Sorry.
  7. if you play FSX it will be amazing, if you play anything else, it will perform slightly worse than a HT enabled i7 920, or about the same or better if you disable HT as this will give you a higher IPC.
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