Asus P45 Motherboards...are they releasing anything new


I was hoping someone knowledgeable about Asus motherboards could tell me whether or not Asus is still updating their P45 range anytime soon, or whether all their R&D is focused on P55/X58 now.

I bought a P5Q Pro Turbo about 2 months back and was wondering whether they're going to release something else and hopefully cheaper with equivalent performance (the P5Q Pro Turbo is happily chugging a E6300(45nm) along at 3.5 GHz and just asking for the stock cooler to be replaced :) ).

Basically, I want to replace my friend's Intel G35 MB with a P45 so that we can overclock his C2Q 9450 to 3.2GHz (the more the merrier, of course), but he's on a tight budget.

I saw a P5Q SE2 going for next to nothing, but it's impossible to find any sort of review on the board.
I also saw some budget P43 boards with DDR3 (P5P43T PRO) for about 15% more than the P5Q SE2(which has DDR2).

Any suggestions?
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  1. I doubt if we are going to see any new P45 motherboards from anywhere. I think that what we will see is a certain amount of consolidation and a reduction of models for the replacement market.

    I am not familiar with Asus motherboards. However the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L is about $95. the Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L is about $80.
  2. The P5Q SE2 is relatively cheap and has great overclocking features. :heink:
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