Looking for an SSD under $200

Hi forum,

I'm looking for a new SSD drive for a new build.

I've been happy with the 30 GB I have now as an OS drive with only the small programs on it. I hate having to have the page file on another drive though just to keep at least 3 GB of free space on the SSD. For that reason I was thinking of going with a larger drive. I guess my options would be 40 GB or 60/64 GB.

So my question is, what would be the best performance SSD in either size for under $200?

I was looking at the OCZ drives and the Intel that just dropped to $180.

Any information on firmware upgrades and guides on how to upgrade the firmware and general SSD tips in general would be much appreciated.
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  1. These are @ my local store, im sure you can find them everywhere...
    Corsair Force 60gb $140

    Intel x25-v 40bg $99 on sale

    Kingstone SSDnow 128gb $199

    I did this research this month, there are others as well, but these all suited my needs.
  2. Well Tthe corsair looks promising as I can get it on newegg.ca's site for $145, but I'm seeing a lot of reviews about random BSOD. The Intel looks to have the lowest sequential speeds, but for a system drive, I'm not overly worried about that. And I've heard many times to avoid Kingston, especially the Value series.

    Anyone have experience with these drives? I know reviews can be misleading because most people who are happy with the drive tend not to write reviews opposed to almost everyone with a bad experience writes a review.
  3. i have a corsair 60gb force SSD for my OS drive and 2x the same in RAID as my game drive and i haven't had any problems so far. Quick as balls too... The read/write times on the Force SSDs are really good. (pay special attention to write times 'cause with a lot of the SSDs, they're like half of the read time... with the Force SSDs the read/write is nearly the same speed.) Worth the money!
  4. 1. Here are the reviews: http://www.anandtech.com/bench/SSD/65

    2. Get the Vertex 2 90 GB $185 after MIR: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227611&cm_re=ocz_vertex_2-_-20-227-611-_-Product

    3. People tell to keep away from the Kingston V series is because it doesn't have very good 4K random read/write performance. For an OS drive 4K read/write are very important.

    Take a look at the Vertex 2 vs Kingston SSDNow V Series: http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/154?vs=152
    Notice the 4K read/write?

    4K read (MB/s):
    Vertex 2: 52
    Kingston: 13.3

    4K Write (MB/s):
    Vertex 2: 51.4
    Kingston: 9.9

    Now you see why people tend to keep away from those Kingston drives. 4K read/write are what makes or breaks an SSDs performance. Sequential read/write are not that important. A good RAID 0 array with HDDs can reach about the same sequential speeds as a mid level SSD.

    General tips:
    1. DO NOT defrag the SSD! EVER!

    2. If you want TRIM, do not RAID the SSD.

    3. Turn off SuperFetch,etc

    4. Basically, follow this guide: http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/showthread.php?47212-Vista-32-64-SSD-Windows-Registry-tweaks
  5. The Kingstons seem to take a beating here...

  6. Is this the OCZ 60GB Vertex 2 you were talking about?


    It looks pretty awesome to me. I think that's the top of my list right now. Anyone else have one?
  7. ^ Yup. That would do. 60GB should be more than enough for the OS + main software.
  8. About on the same level as the Vortex-2 is the Gskill Pheonix pro (slightly higher cost, possibly sligthly higher 4K random read/writes - need to google the benchies for the two). Both use the SF-1200 controller.

    For the G-skill, the Intel RST driver (Ver 9) is recommended. Back to the F6 driver install during win 7 install. Not sure if Intel's RST improves performance of the Vortex-2 compared to the default uSoft AHCI driver.

    Agree w/shadow, 60 gig should be enough - the 120 gig Vortex-2 and Gskill Pheonix pro are sligthly over budget (approx $240, but can catch on sale arround $200.

    Have recommended Vortex-2 in the past, But opted for the 120 gig Pheonix as it was on sale.

  9. Go over to spoofee.com. Today they have an SSD listed with a promo code for $20 off. .... BTEYXNV23 ....

    If it's one you're interested in, I don't know.
  10. @RetiredChief: Not to be a d1ck, but it's "Vertex" NOT "Vortex".

    Anyways, yeah, DO use AHCI and the Intel drivers.
  11. No offence taken shadow, They just named it wrong, should have named it vortex, then I would have gotten it correct.
  12. So AHCI mode, Intel Drivers, OCZ Vertex Series. I'm convinced that far.

    One more question about choosing one though:

    Vertex vs. Vertex-2
  13. Vertex-2
    Vertex-2 uses the newer Sandforce controller (SF-1200) Faster than previous Vertex
  14. ^ Exactly.
  15. Do u want the SSD for read or write? Because if u only plan use it for boor drive and those thing the Crucial C300 performs much better that the others.
  16. ^The C300 doesn't perform much better to justify the extra cost imo.

    C300 vs Vertex 2: http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/194?vs=152
    The Vertex 2 keeps up or beats the C300. Do note this is 64GB vs 100GB and that makes a different as the # of channels used between each is different.
  17. It will be my boot drive, but at 60GB, I do plan to throw my main programs on there, not games though.

    Some programs going on the SSD:
    Photoshop CD5
    Google Chrome
    Microsoft Office 2010
    Torrents being downloaded (Then transfer to my WD 1TB Black after completion)

    So I'm not sure if the difference between ~150 MB/s Write and ~275 MB/s will be as it should be mostly random writes from that list of programs.

    The Vertex is definitely a lot more readily available and cheaper, but the Vertex 2 has that extra sequential write speed which could be worth the extra money.
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  19. So I just picked up the OCZ 60GB Vertex 2. Thanks for all the help everyone. I picked it up for $150 at a Canada Computers store near where I live.
  20. 3DS Max eh? Do you plan to install a huge texture pack too? If so, that 60GB may not be enough....
  21. Nah, I use it for just the shapes and stuff like that for school projects. Mainly making 3D simulations of garages and houses to show how wires will be run, panels mounted, equipment installed.

    I'm in Electrical engineering by the way. So I'm going to slap my 30GB Patriot PS-100 in my HP 4510s laptop with Windows XP on it and some basic programs for on the road.

    If anyone has any expertise in transferring Windows installation from one SSd to another, could you check out my other thread please?

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