P45 overclocking with q9550 + 16gb DDR2

Hi everyone, noob here. :)

Does anyone have any experience overclocking a q9550 with 16gb of ram? If so, how far did you go? I currently have a gigabyte p45 ud3r and a stock q9550 with E0 stepping. I plan on buying a 4x4gb set of ddr2 because in the near future i'm going to be establishing a virtualized web server and networking infrastructure for self educating/testing purposes. I might even keep a few web servers just for fun. Also, I plan on doing a bunch of video editing/encoding as well. But I still want to get more (not a lot just more) power out this baby. i'm looking for maybe a 3.4ghz overclock increase? Would the 4.0 mark be attainable with adequate cooling on the CPU and chipset?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. 3.4 is very doable, 4.0 will be a little bit of a trick. At 3.4 you'll have a FSB of 400 with that 8.5 multiplier. To push it to 4.0ghz you'll need 470 on the fsb, it's possible but not likely stable 24/7 365. 3.4 to 3.8 for 24/7 operation is a realistic number with good cooling.
  2. Alright thanks for the info. 3.4 to 3.8 should be about enough for me. Now with that said, do you think the stock chipset heatsinks are enough for this much stress? i'm kind of worried of frying my chipset since i'm going to be using 4 dimms. lol The cpu should will be fine, but i'm skeptical of my mobos' stock chipset cooling. If anyone has any recommendations, feel free to chime in. =]
  3. In the past I have thrown spot cooling on the north bridge, and it seemed to do the trick. What temperature is the NB running at now with your current setup?
  4. according to speedfan, it says. 44c for temp1, then temp2 is 36c. i'm not sure which is the NB chipset temp. I have 2x2gb stick of g skill at 1066mhz, if that helps.
  5. Sorry I don't know a lot about speedfan, can you use realtemp to see what temp your cpu is at, then reference it to the readings in speedfan. I'm willing to bet your nb is 44c that's actually pretty normal. you might also need to add some active cooling to the mosfets/capacitors if your going to be running a ton of ram, with a high fsb, and an overclocked q9550.
  6. Ok i'll keep that in mind. Here's a screen-shot (idle temps):

  7. I does look like 44c is your motherboard/nb temp.
  8. thanks. i'll use that then for future reference.
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