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Hello, got a rather simple question :) was wondering which is the 'right' order if you got 2 hard drives.I got an SSD which has the OS inside and another 500gb HD for backup, games etc.. in the bios(default), at drive boot order i see my SSD first and then the HD.

Like, boot order:
Intel SSD
Western Digital 500GB

Is this the 'correct' order? i changed it a couple of times and saw no difference.
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    Here is a simple answer. This just tells the BIOS which device to look at for an operating system. In older computers, when they still came standard with floppy drives, usually had the floppy as the 1st device, then the hard drive. When CD/DVD drives became popular, computer were usually set with the CD/DVD drive 1st, then the hard disk. When installing an OS from CD/DVD, you'll want it marked as the 1st device.

    In your case, the 500Gb doesn't have an operating system on it, so your SSD should be first. When you set your 500Gb drive 1st, the system can't find an operating system on it, so it goes to the next device, your SSD.

    Newer motherboards provide a boot menu at start up which will over ride the boot order settings.
  2. Okay, so it doesn't really matter in my case :) but i assume that my current order is also the "right" one.Thanks!
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