ASUS Xonar Essence STX not working in Vista

My new hard drive arrived yesterday. I installed vista and started to install all my drivers. When I got to the soundcard, all was fine until I rebooted and ran the sound centre thing.
If I changed from '2 speakers' to 'headphones' (needed for me to hear anything), it'd say the program encountered and error and needed to close. It still does this unless I run it under compatibility for XP.
Anyway, I've uninstalled, reinstalled countless times, and obviously disabled onboard audio.
Apparently it's installed fine, but not, at the same time. Like this:

If I play music, it doesn't play. As in, it looks as if it's paused/stopped.
I don't understand.
It's currently uninstalled. I really need to get this working in vista. I don't want to have upgraded to vista and spent £200> on this sound card and headphones only to have to roll back to XP to get it working again.
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  1. reason for XP compatability, as the drivers are fully Vista compliant. (Heck, thats probably the reason for the crash).

    Re-install the driver package, making sure NEVER to use compatability mode for anything driver related. Remember to use the 64-bit version if you use 64-bit Vista.

    On a side note: Theres no reason why 2 speakers won't output to the headphones if the headphones are plugged in properly (sound may not be optimized for headphone use, but a good tool for testing purposes).
  2. I meant the audio centre crashed unless I used it in compatibility for XP, in which case it worked.
    Also, headphones and 2 speakers are two seperate ports on this card. I think. It didn't work before anyway.
    ANYWAY. After hours of installing updates for vista and a few reboots (hundreds), it mysteriously decided to work. I have no idea which update fixed it, but I'm now a happy man.
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    Always, always, do Vista updates first. I found they have a nasty tendency to make things work better...
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