Placement of the radiator in a liquid cooling

I have a Gigabyte 3D Mercury Pro case which is a good newbie case for liquid cooling but in the last year I realized it's limitations. So I'm considering getting a new cooling system and installing it the case. I would like to make the system as silent as possible and was thinking about placing a large flat radiator with large slow running fans on the top of the case. This would mean some modification and I would hve to place the PSU at the bottom of the case.

Has anyone tried this around here? Any input would be appreciated
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  1. mount your old radiator on the inside then the bigger radiator on the outside. dont see what the big problem is. there are kits that allow you to mount the rad outside.
  2. what type of RAD are you trying to install? some specs would be nice,if you are going for quite set up...your RAD won't be "flat" (Thermochill TA120.3 on the back/outside )
  3. Please list all hardware, including components to be watercooled and the WC components in your loop.

  4. phytoplankton.....Listen to these guys they know what they are talking about!! Give them as much information as you can
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