i have a problam with my graphics card, i have just put together a new computer but my graphics card doesn't seem to be working!
the fan doesnt spin and nothing then comes up on my computer screen.
all the other parts seem to be working but not the card.
it seems to be pluged in well to my GA-EP45T-UD3P!
can some one please tell me what might be the problam.
My graphics card is a 512mb 8800GT
also it doesnt matter what port i use on it to connect it to the screen!
the power supply is a 750w so that cant be the problam either!
please help and fast
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  1. Ok lets start with the obvious stuff, i know its daft but you do have the additional power cable attached ...right ?
    I usually use the lowest port or furthest to the right of the PC as you look at it from the front, but i dont think it matters as long as you have both outputs enabled that is.
    thats not really relevant at the minuite though as if the fan isnt spinning then the chances are th ecard isnt working full stop.
    Check all power connections, 24 pin main power etc and take the card out and make sure the contacts are clean, reseat it and try it again.

  2. ok well nothing is coming up on the screen, the screen is working but the fan on the card isn't spining and i've tryed every thing.
    could there be any thing else
  3. Also, check to make sure the additional 8-pin power connector on the motherboard is plugged in firmly, or at all if you forgot that part. It's in the top-left corner near the CPU, right above the "Ultra Durable" labeled heatsink.
  4. Hmmm, the other day I had pulled my 'puter apart for some spring cleaning,put it back together "on the bench" and,,, I must of sat there for a good five seconds or so wondering why the video card's fan wasen't spinning before
    i realized that the 6 pin connector on the end of the 8800gt was not connected,and y'know I have been wondering around inside of computers since way before the 486/50 days,time to clean these glasses again..:)
  5. yer i just realised the connecter was not connected propaly, lucky me i was scared it was broken.
    even though i have a 2gb 4870 i love my 8800gt,
    thanks guys!
  6. Even though your PSU is as good one it may be overvolting or undervolting on the +12v rail.
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