ASUS P6T Deluxe v2 - SATA issues

Greets all - Just recently bought the ASUS P6T Deluxe v2 MB and am running into a small problem with the SATA drive recognition.
I have the Intel core i7 920 CPU, 6gig 1600 DDR3 RAM (3x2), WD 500g SATA 2 HDD, Maxtor 80g SATA 2 HDD and an LG 22X DVD Burner GH22NS.

I cannot get the MB to recognize all three SATA devices at the same time. If I plug them in one at a time, each is recognized and can be "accessed", but when I plug in more than one, only one will show. I have tried SATA ports 1 - 6 in a variety of combinations and am having no luck. The BIOS has it set to IDE....

Am I missing something? Thoughts, suggestions?

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  1. When you say that one drive is "recognized" and will "show", what is it you're using to see this? Are you looking at the BIOS setup screens or are you using an OS or an OS installation disk?
  2. In the BIOS. The drives will be seen when hooked up one at a time in the BIOS, but if I hook up more than one, only one of them shows up in the BIOS
  3. Which section of the BIOS are you viewing the drives in?

    On my P6T6 WS Revolution motherboard, the "Boot -> Boot Device Priority" section lists only one drive, but "Boot -> Hard Disk Drives" shows all of them.

    ...and do you have the drives set to IDE or AHCI mode?
  4. I am in the system list where it shows all SATA devices. It is set to IDE, as stated above. I have tried each of the 3 drives alone in each of the 6 ports and it will recognize the drive in the port when it is the only one attached. If I add a second or third to the schematic, it will only recognize one of them. I have tested all of the cables and each is working. There is no OS yet, just BIOS recognition to work with.
  5. Quick question on your HDD's. Are you setting up a Raid with those drives, if so you need to read the manual (Section 4.4 Raid Configurations) on setting it up. Spefically Section 4.4.2 on setting up Sata drives for Raid.

    If that does not help then go to Link below for more help.
    Asus Members VIP Forum P6T v2
  6. No. IDE setup. Not using RAID.
  7. Alright on no Raid. Here is how I set up my P6T Deluxe w/OC Palm wuth multiple HDD's.

    1) install only 1 of each. Hdd (in sata port #1), Ram (in orange slot nearest cpu), Graphic card and DVD Burner (in sata port# 5).

    2) Install OS, antivirus/firewall, MS Security Updates/Patches and Drivers.

    3) with computer turned off, then install your other two HDD's in sata ports 2 & 3

    *note: I preformatted all my HDD's to NTFS befoe using them. Since sometimes they are not found unless Formatted by Bios' before OS is installed. This is what I used to fomat my HDD's and it paid for itself 5 times over. Plus you can even use it with old PC that has XP installed on it to format to NTFS.

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  8. Knightwulfe said:
    I am in the system list where it shows all SATA devices.
    I'm not sure which list you're referring to. Exactly which selections do you go through in the BIOS to get to this list?

    On my P6T6 WS Revolution BIOS, I can see the list of SATA ports if I choose Main -> AHCI Configuration. But if I change the drive mode to IDE (using Main -> Storage Configuration) then that option is no longer available and I don't see a way to get a list of drives other than in the boot device configuration.

    It may be that my BIOS menu screens differ from yours with the different motherboard.

    Is there a reason you want to use IDE? For a new build you're better off going with AHCI.
  9. I have the same problem.
    Im running a Asus P6T with an i7 920. I have two SATA hard drives that are both already formatted. I know both the hard drives work because when i plug them in individually they show up in bios, but only one drive at a time.

    also, @ sminlal, why use AHCI recognition instead of IDE?
  10. Make sure removable drives are connected using the last SATA ports on the board, after the HDDs.
  11. dear Knightwulfe,
    I have the ssame motherboard. P6T deluxe , with 2 hard drives WD 300 gb and 10.000 RPM , both recognized in the bios, but whan i put a third hard drive 1 TB WD 7200 rpm, it will not see it , not in the bios neither in the OS WinXP 64 bits;
    When i switch in the bios the setup to ACHI, then my PC will boot up half the way and hangs, and it won't let me neter the bios, so i had to clean completely, retirng the battery and to put the default setiings again so the PC is working again; with the drives set to IDE. ;
    I still do not know what the problem is with the 3 hard drive, i checked the wires, the power, swithcing the sata ports , etc ,etc , no solution;
    is there someone who knows the answer ?
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