Computer freeze - and then black screen after restart

Hello ,
for the last 4 days .. my computer stucks alot while playing games ..
just crazy colors appears and then my computer restart ...
at the 1st time happened , i just logged in again to windows and kept playing .
but yesterday , while playing a game .. my computer stuck and after self-restart ... it showed me black on the screen and nothing happened while my pc is turned ON.
i cant see any thing ... no Motherboard logo no nothing on start .. JUST a turned on computer with no screen .. i sent my computer to friend he changed the GFX , cpu and ram ... it didnt work .. after he tried that with no result , he put all my stuff back .. and Suddenly i got a screen ... i took the pc home and turned it on ... i succeed to login to windows vista for 1 min and then i got blue screen with " *** STOP: 0x00000050"
and then again .. no screen after restart !! i changed the screen but its the same ...
i have 2 OS , windows vista ultimate 64bit and windows xp pro..

All this problems happened while using vista .. as i remember the partition which vista installed on has 2-5gb free space ... "95% full" and mayb the driver isnt updated for the gfx .. "catalyst"

after booking the problem on the internet alot of ppl say many things .. i just cant figure it out ...
how can i slove this problem ? wt could be the problem ?
** i tried to turn on the computer without the RAM and the Hard disk .. i got no BEEP sound !! weird ?! could be the MB? GFX ?

Notice that its the 1st time i get that blue screen .. the crashes which i got befor was , either alot of crazy colors or just STUCKS , nothing moves(mouse,keyboard"num lock" .. etc "

My pc :
Asus p5q-deluxe MB
Sapphire HD4870x2 2gb
2X2gb Dominator DDR2 1066mhz
Inter Q9550 Quad core

Thanks , and sorry for bad english ...
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  1. What PSU are you using to power your rig?
    What is its overall wattage and +12v amperage?
    Do you have anything overclocked?

    Try these and see if anything fixes it.

    Clear the BIOS. Manually set the RAM speed, voltage and timings. Leave your CPU and motherboard at stock speeds.
    Test the memory using Memtest.
    Double check all cable/power connections.
    Remove and reseat your GPU, RAM and all addin cards.
    Check for dust clogging your heatsinks/PSU and clean as needed.
    Check to be sure your CPU heatsink is properly attached and check the temps in the BIOS.
    Test your Hd with the manufacturers utility.
  2. First of all thanks for your post ,

    I have ‏Thermaltake ToughPower W0116 750W PFC

    "What is its overall wattage and +12v amperage?" i really dont know .. every thing is Default ... i didnt change any thing ..
    and about overclocking , ye i overclocked my cpu to 3.7ghz without playing with the voltage section ... i keept it auto and as i saw it was around 1.31-35V , but since i had problems with the pc i got every thing back to default , thats mean every thing is just normal without any change " orginal settings" .

    about the cmos .. i removed the battary and the jumper for 1 min .. but got the same problem.

    how to "Manually set the RAM speed, voltage and timings" since i cant enter the bios section .. i just get my computer turned on without any screen ... "black screen" .. and notice that while my computer turned off .. the screen red light keep turning off/on ... and its the same thing when i turn on my computer.
    and the memtest . as i saied cant do anything in my pc .. since i cant access any thing on it ..
    and ye .. i have cleaned all parts from the dust .. and removed all the parts " CPU , RAM , HD , GPU"
  3. Somehow i cant edit my reply .. so here another reply

    My Cpu temp was around 40-60 with Thermaltake ‏TMG iA1 CPU Heatpipe Cooler‎.

    My Gpu temp was around 70-90 with the orginal GPU fan " Sapphire "
  4. Sorry again ... this "Edit this message" makes me crazy :X i cant edit any thing ... i feel like spaming :X but could help you helping me :D

    please consider/remmber that when i turned on my pc without the memory and the HD i got no Beep sound or wt ever it called :O
  5. thats either mem graphics or mb
    what you should have done is see if it crashes under xp
    but if you still cant access anything try changing the gcard to 1 u no is working
    and try changing the ram
    try changing to the other dvi port
    if none of these works then its the board, u can test the psu also because if its not supplying power then nothing works
    try a diff monitor
    troubleshooting is basically a really annoying game of eliminating variables hav fun dude
  6. Thanks , i figured out wt is the problem ...
    its the motherboard :X that what i though , cuz when i turned on the computer without the Memory and hard disk , i didnt hear the beep sound ..
    Thanks for ur help xiara
  7. I Can ALMOST Gaurantee That Is A Bad Graphics Card, My Second Educated Guess Would Be A Bad Power Supply
  8. ohhhh dude , u got me down :X
    i sent my pc to the company since i dont have hardware replacement to check them by myself ...
    they checked all the parts one by one as they told me .. and they came out with the motherboard which isnt working ... but ... ye im concidering that there is another problem with other hardware. :X
    waaaaaaaaaaa now i dont wanna wait 7 days to get theeplacement and then to get stuck by other problem with other part :X
    well ... i hope that they tested the PSU 2 :OOOO
    but isnt it a BIG PROVE that it could be the MB only as i tested ?cuz i didnt get any Beep sound while turning on the pc without the memory and hard disk ?:X
    just was normal but with same prob that there is no screen displayed .
    :X good/bad prove ?
  9. concern* , and why they dont fix the edit post option ?!
  10. Guys ? after i sent my pc to the store and they told me its the motherboard .. i asked them why ?! they told me that my motherboard is getting overheating ...
    Is that a MUST to cool the motherboard chipset "northbridge and southbridge" if i OC my pc ?! i oced my cpu to 3.7Ghz " Q9550 cpu ... ?!
  11. As Intel Specs the P45 chipset to a max operating temp of 103°c, I doubt your issue is with it overheating.
    I would assume that your system would be crashing from other componets failing before your (relitavly) low power chipset hit max temps.
    Most likely, you were just unlucky enough to get a lemon.
    RMA the motherboard and make sure your case has adequate cooling.
    Keep track of your Nb temp with something like SpeedFan and, if you see it starting to get to hot, look into adding more case cooling or a spot fan.
  12. Thanks alot for helping .....
    But :P Mmmmmzz RMA ? what is that ?:X
  13. Quote:
    A Return Merchandise Authorization or Return Material Authorization (RMA) is a transaction whereby the recipient of a product arranges to return goods to the supplier to have the product repaired or replaced or in order to receive a refund or credit for another product from the same retailer or corporation.

    Basically, you need to go Here and tell ASUS your motherboard is FUBAR.
    They will then have you send in your defective motherboard and, in a few weeks, send you a new/fixed one.
    Usually it is a pretty harmless procedure, just a bit of waiting involved.
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