How hot is too hot? im hitting 70C

hi, i have an amd 5200+ 2.7ghz that i over clocked to 3ghz (13.5/224) before the overclock my temps while idle were an average of 33 with th emax temp hitting 43, now that i overclocked my idle temps are around 53 with a max around 60, but under a 100% load my cpu reached a max of 70C, but was usually around 66-68 C, is that bad? i have stock everything
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  1. anyone?
  2. That chip has a max temp of 68C. For your OC to be long term, you might want to consider getting a cheap aftermarket cooler.
  3. 70 too HOT & Can Kill Your CPU , take off your cooler clean with alcohol, replace new Thermal Paste, add fan for Exhaust
  4. Hmm well says the max temperature is 74*C but I would also recommend getting a better CPU cooler.
  5. Decrease Vcore & test again with software Stabillity test
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