Recover data from iPod ZIF drive...Please help!!!

A few years back I had a 30GB iPod that I ended up taking the hard drive out due to a very good reason, but its a very long story, lol. Anyway, a few years later (now) I'm trying to recover the data that's on this drive, but can't seem to find the right cable in order to do so. I was told to get an enclosure, but I don't want to spend $80 unless I HAVE to, and I looked online to find websites saying that it's just an IDE interface, but those clearly don't fit.

What cable/method do I need to use in order to try and recover the stuff off of it? Thanks in advance for the help.

P.S. Here's a link to the drive with specs, etc. iPod Link
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  1. i store the data save pendrive after data coyed show the folder my pen drive
    after next time i plug in pendrive data not showing i try to may be file be hiden but but no any file are not hiden but when show the size of pen drive data are stored my pendrive how taking data my old data plz give me soulition. iwaiting
    for your reply my data is very importent.
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