Upgrade or replace?

I am at the point I want to either upgrade some components or build a new PC. I have a degree in Computer infor Sys, but I work outside the industry and quickly fall behind the latest and greatest.

My question is what are the highest performance upgrades I could do with my current hardware, so i can see what it will cost. Otherwise I will just build a new computer when I can talk my wife into it! :)

I currently have

Mobo: ASUS A8r32-MVP Deluxe
CPU: Athlon 64 X2 DC 4800+ (not overclocked)
Mem: 2gb Corsair Extreme
Vid Card: Radeon X1900 (single card)

What is the difference bewteen PCI Express x16, and PCI Express 2.0 x16?

Could I run a Radeon 4870 or something similar in my A8r32-MVP?
Or is it worth it to find another x1900 card and crossfire them?

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  1. PCIe 2.0 has double the bandwidth of 1.0.

    dual 4870's with a 4800+, LOL, talk about a bottleneck, if you want this PC for gaming then give us your budget and we'll figure something out.
  2. lol not dual 4870's... Dual up my x1900 or a single 4870 that I could dual up down the road as needed with a new build.

    Don't really have a budget. Just wondering if I could squeeze a little more life out of my current PC for a tiny amount of money... kinda of want to wait until fall with Windows 7 before I build a new computer.

    So a 4870 on a PCIe x16 will choke the performance of the card, but will work? The min req's listed on the web page say PCIe x16 slot... not PCIe 2.0 x16 slot.
  3. Well, getting a 1900 master card wouldn't really be worth the money unless you get it really cheap on eBay. Prior to the 1950 Pro ATI cards needed a master card to accomplish crossfire (well the low end cards made due with software). So of all the 1900/1950 cards only the 1950Pro and 1950GT can crossfire using the modern cables while the others need a master card and the funky DVI link cables

    Anyway A single 4850 would do better than two 1900XTs in crossfire. You probably won't get too much of a benefit from anything faster, like the 4870, because you would generally be bottelnecked by your CPU. Luckily for you that board is suppose to be a pretty good overclocker so you should definetly think about overclocking your CPU. If you don't want to, or are just plain afraid to overclock (scardy cat), you should consider that 4800 X2s for the socket 939 are pretty desirable and you can sell yours for a pretty penny on eBay. You can then use that money to get a faster AM2+ board, 4GB of DDR2, and at least an athlon X2 7850.
  4. I had/have a similar set up. I used a gts640 card for a while. I tried a 4870/512 card on it and it seemed to be a good pairing. Would I advise you upgrade your current system ? ....... for gaming, yes. I'd get faster components and wouldn't look back on the 939 system...... although I have 3 running now. A 3700 and 4400 & 4800 duals. They are noticeably slow now. For internet or movie viewing they are fine. The 3700 I think about beating with a hammer sometimes though...lol. Amazing how useless a single core processor has become to me.
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