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Anyone used a telephoto with their Sony DSC-S85?

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July 26, 2002 2:14:54 AM

I'm very happy with my camera so far, but it is lacking in the telephoto arena. They currently list you can use a VAD-S70 adapter ring, and then a VCL-MHG07A 0.7x Wide Angle Lense, but no mention of Telephoto.

I have called Sony and they have no clue about their own product. I have search the web and basically have heard differing opinions, so figured I would take a shot here.

Sony sales say no. Sony tech support says not sure, maybe. I have asked them if the VCL-R2052 2.0x Telephoto Lense will work with the adapter ring and the camera.

Their camera accessory list doesn't list it as an accessory. But the adapter ring says it can use all 52mm lenses and accessories. About 1/4 of the sites I have looked at says it can work with camcorders and digital cameras, the other 3/4 only mention the camcorder, sony being one of them.

I can snag this off the web for around $50, sony has it list at $80. Their are no stores in the Dallas/FortWorth area where these are sold, as far as I have found, so trying it in person isn't an option. I really don't feel like buying it off the web, when there is a strong possibility that I might have to return it.

So has anyone used this? :-)

There is also the VCL-1452H 1.4x Telephoto, not sure on that either. I'm guessing that one is strictly for camcorders, but who knows.

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July 29, 2002 12:24:34 PM

I guess I'll follow up on my own post :-)

I had someone reply on another board, saying they are using the VCL-1452H 1.4x Telephoto, and so far so good. They said the initial pictures were good, but they haven't taken too many yet, so weren't positive.

They thought maybe the VCL-R2052 2.0x should work, they weren't positive just like me. So still wondering if that lense works and if it kicks out awesome pictures like the camera by itself.

Kind of an additional note, wondering if anyone has tried any Tiffen lenses with Sony.

<i> If you buy a pre-packaged pc, shame on you </i> :wink: