Everytime i shutdown windows 7 i get a force shutdown

The prompt comes up for a second I can't even hit cancel in time to see why it's saying that, it's a blink and it shuts down fine but this force shutdown or force reboot (if i reboot) message always comes up. I start the computer and shut it down no apps are running. not sure. I just got this system so maybe something needs to be disabled. It's frustrating me. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.
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  1. There may be something running in the background that is a little slow in shutting down. If it doesn't cause any problems I'd just ignore it.
  2. is there any way to find out what? from a fresh reboot i dont see anything odd.
  3. It could be antivirus or indexing (or both) running in the background. Nothing to worry about, just let it go untill it shuts down itself.
    The indexing is done in the background when idle, after a while there is less that needs doing, but there will always be something working in the background. It usually doesn't take long for it to shut itself down.
  4. Start up taskmanager, sort items by cpu time at the top and the shutdown and see whats eating cpu time when you get force message.
  5. actually I'm still getting this problem, and sometimes windows 7 hangs in the shutting down screen forever. i left the room after i hit shutdown, went out came back 5 hours later.. that screen was still up. Not sure why it's doing that. I read a lot of people having this problem, but I haven't read a fix, since people have tried everything. I'm not reformatting again since people say that doesn't help it. It's how something is set up and unlike XP, I am lost when trying to find out what exactly it might be. That screen with the force shutdown appears and closes on it's own so fast I can't even hit cancel, it's like a blink. Then it goes into the shutting down screen and it stays there.
  6. I think its normal for w7. Windows initiate shutdown, but if there is some program waiting for some action (save document or confirm some action like save opened windows in FF) it will wait short time and then pop force shutdown window co you can chose what to do (and possibly kill it after while if no action taken, didnt get that far yet to make sure).
    If in your case it popup just for second and then disapear it means that during that second program it was waiting for closed so there was no more need to force shutdown. I would just ignore it in your case.
  7. Its not normal for windows 7 because i dont have it yesterday,but today come up and when i play nfs shift game is slowed i can+t drive a car normal but before all work perfect!Sry for bad english :kaola:
  8. This is a common Windows 7 problem. I had it before and fixed it (I don't remember how) now I have it back again. You can ignore this problem like I'm doing now. If a remember correctly I had to modify the Registry to fix it the last time that was a few years ago. I don't like messing with the registry. Keep looking on Microsoft's web site they might post the fix sometime. This probably happened when you had more than one copy of a program open with IE and forgot to shut one down then closed IE and turned of you Computer "The fix could be in the TH archives from 3 years ago" I don't remember where I found it.
  9. i have same prob too but i use this step and working good hope you too

    1. Press "Window +R" keys to start "Run" dialogue box and type "gpedit.msc" in the dialogue box.

    2. Click "OK", "Local Group Policy Editor" window will pop up.

    3. Navigate to "Computer Configuration" --> "Administrative Templates" --> "System" --> "Shutdown Options". Double-click "Turn off automatic termination of applications that block or cancel shutdown" on the right panel. In the new dialogue box popped up, set configuration option as "Enabled".

    4. Next time when you shut down your machine, the machine will be shut down directly without prompt.
  10. Jessicka said:
    is there any way to find out what? from a fresh reboot i dont see anything odd.

    mine does the same thing and i just reset to factory image,if you figure it out let me know plse thank you karl knudson
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