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I have an HP system with a realtek HD audio manager. Recently my computer has started skipping/fast-forwarding through music forcing me to restart iTunes (or whichever media program I am using) which USUALLY fixes the problem. I think the problem started after upgrading to Windows 7, but my machine was supposedly designed for Windows 7 so I can't see how that would be the problem. The problem most often surfaces after I have played a file containing audio in another program (i.e. web browser) but not always. Apparantly I have the most up to date drivers for the realTek device so I'm at a loss on what to do to fix the problem.

any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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  1. Do u have a stuck key on keyboard?
  2. Nope, no stuck key... Even when it fastforwards, it doesn't do so consistantly. It will skip for a while then play for a bit, then skip, etc.
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