How to decide when to get new gpu's?

Just trying to get some info on when to upgrade if you have thoughts.

I purchased a gtx 280 ftw the day it was available and built a system around it. It's working pretty well still running at the native 2560x1600 my monitor does. I read a while back that the gtx 460's make quite a difference with two cards (which I remember reading wasn't so much the case with the 280's) and so I'm wondering how to decide when to make the jump to two new cards? I put a little money away each paycheck for computer upgrades and I don't have the money needed for two new gpu's yet, but I'm starting to look.

I know computer power user had an article a while back about how it's pretty tough to compare new hardware to old hardware because it moves so fast (someone had a similar question about how much difference they'd see from their 9800 to a new gtx 460) but I'm just wondering how you guys decide when to upgrade gpu's.

Thanks for any thoughts.
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  1. I assembled my gaming rig about an year ago and got the HD 4890, planning to upgrade to the 5850 soon. However, until now, even an year later, I can play all games (MoH, CoD:BO etc.) at the highest available settings at my LCD's native res. (1920x1200) at 60FPS or above. Hence, I haven't upgraded yet. Upgrading to a more powerful video card might have increased the FPS I get but with VSync On, anything above 60 is a waste.

    Long story short: I only play games at full resolution with everything max. As long as my current graphics card can handle that, why should I upgrade? I've heard Metro 2033 is a graphics intensive game. I'll try playing it. If I like and my current setup can't handle it, that is reason enough for me to upgrade (get another 4890 for Crossfire).
  2. You know when to upgrade when your GPUs begin to melt the plastic cover xD.

    Seriously though.

    460's are great. Get 2 and you'll be ripping it up at 2560x1600.

    Or 2 6870s, as the new 6 series beats out the Fermi cards in dual GPU setups.

    Im running 2 8800GT's in SLI, and they are screwd, 90C on load - heating up my entire case. Ive tried everything to reduce temps nothing works

    So im getting a beautiful new 6870 next month when I get payed, CANT WAIT :D
  3. i must be behind the times. i hadn't heard of the six series yet. have an evga 790i ultra, and it's been a while since the build, but i think it's designed for nvidia. might be out of luck there.

    thanks for the thoughts and enjoy the six series. something extra nice about putting in new gpu's. never run dual myself, but i'm going to this next time.
  4. Not.... Really... I defiantly suggest waiting right now. The reason I say not really, the 460's are good up to 1900x1200 but afterward performance/scaling starts dropping. I think another reason you should upgrade yes. Don't upgrade yet. I tell you right now the Cayman is coming out and at the Resolution you'll perfer a Cayman, mainly because the performance is expected to beat out the 6870 by 50% and have lower power consumption than the 480/580.
  5. my challenge with that has been i have a ftw card and my understanding is sli runs as the slowest cards specs. i can find other gtx 280's, but i've been hard pressed to find any gtx 280 ftw's.
  6. i'll have to see if my board will work with ati/amd gpu's.

    does this sound like what everyone has experienced at 2560x1600? i thought when i've read about the gtx 460, the gains at 2560x1600 were significant. i didn't do two gtx 280's in the past because i thought what i'd read back in the day was that they didn't have many gains in sli at 2560x1600.
  7. When you think the performance you are getting is not enough thats when you upgrade your gpu -
  8. All mobo's even EVGA boards work with ATI/AMD, I'm just going to say this now. Well all CURRENT boards. don't know bout the passed though.
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