New pc wont display/signal monitor

so i finished my first pc build yesterday and when it came to turning it on things went downhill.

everything inside the case did what it should (fans spinned, lights lit up) but there was no display. on closer inspection the monitor light would go from orange (standby) to green when i hit the on button on my case, but within 2 seconds i went back to orange.

my rig is as follows:
m2n-e sli mobo
2x 2gb 800mhz ram
amd x2 7750 be cpu
500w PSU
2x xfx 8600gt graphics cards in sli
liteon dvd writer
320gb segate hdd

i've tried everything i can thing of,
-stripped out the unnecesary components
-reset bios (using jumpers and by removing the battery)
-tried different pci-e slots
-switching graphics cards

my motherboard doesn't have integrated graphics so i cant test it that way
i'm using my old crt monitor which works fine with my old computer. its connected to my new pc with a dvi-vga adapter.

this is very frustrating and any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. have you tried using just one of the video cards?
  2. i've tried each card seperatly and in each slot to no avail
  3. try to power it on and check for a little green led on your motherboard verifying that the board itself is good, i had the same issue with one of my old asus motherboards,(it was doa actually) no matter what solution i tried the display would go to standby and just no come out of it. my guess is that the problem lies within your motherboard.
  4. well i got the board second hand off the net but it seems in good nick. yes the green led is on aswell as the lights on the ethernet jack, the usb mouse lights up and as i said, both the fans on my graphics card and cpu spin.
  5. Is there an onboard video card?
  6. do you have another cpu, the 7750 is phenom based, you might need a bios flash
  7. i dont have any cpu's lying around to test with. would that explain it? i realized i needed to flash the bios as the 7750 is am2+ but i thought that you could get into the bios (and flash the bios) regardless of other components?
  8. could someone tell me if my power supply is adequate. it a hyena 500w. i read somewhere that the 8600gt requires 18a on the 12v rail and my PSU has 15a on 12v1 and 16a on 12v2. does this mean its 31 a in total or will i need a new PSU?
  9. could someone tell me if my power supply is adequate. it a hyena 500w. i read somewhere that the 8600gt requires 18a on the 12v rail and my PSU has 15a on 12v1 and 16a on 12v2. does this mean its 31 a in total or will i need a new PSU?
  10. reseat the memory.. make sure they're pushed all the way down in the socket.. needs brute force..
  11. reseat the memory, make sure they're pushed all the way down, into the socket.. use brute force!.. I'm always worried I'm gonna break something when adding memory..
  12. how do you reset the memory?
  13. I've found the problem but not the solution. i borrowed a amd 4800 from an office computer and it started up fine. so the problem lies with the mobo not supporting AM2+. After alot of tinkering round i managed to update the bios to 1204 using ez flash, switched back the cpu's and still nothing!
    is that the wrong bios version?
    would i be best just to find a new AM2+ Sli mobo?
    if so, what do you recommend (cheap)?
  14. you reseat the memory by taking it out and making and putting it back in making sure it is in the whole way

    and yes, if you need a bios update for the cpu, it is possible for it to not post at all

    about the psu, hyena seems to not be a good brand
    i would try:
    pc power and cooling
    ocz search psu tiers and select something that you can get from tier 1,2,or if you have to tier 3 (generally there are 5 numbered tiers)
  15. well, from the looks of it, the non-sli version of your board supports the 7750 but not the sli version

    you can look it up yourself at:
  16. well that's bad news. so i should get a new board then?
  17. what do you consider a cheap motherboard
  18. i just need AM2+ support and SLI for as cheap as possible. As i said i got my mobo second hand so there no chance of a refund :(
  19. ASUS M3N72-D $129.99 at

    though right now it comes with Call of Duty: World at War
  20. though you might want to ask around more
  21. hey, thanks for all the help. i'll have a bit of a look around. ^ looks good though.
  22. ok, no problem
  23. what do you think about asu m2n-sli Deluxe. very similar i know but is cheap and can handle AM2+ through bios update (I think). price is $120 NZ which is about $70 US.
  24. actually, thats the board i have in my computer that im selling to a friend, i like the board a lot
  25. and yes, with the most current update, the 7750 will work with the board, also, i ve been to a few forums that people have gotten the phenom II 940BE to work in the board
  26. thanks! thats what i need to know :)
  27. ok, so i got the new motherboard. did a bios update and IT WORKS!
    however then i started installing win xp home and both time it wuld stick saying 34mins remainng and after ten minutes or so BSOD.

    the error was bugcode_usb_driver.

    anyone got any ideas?
  28. I think it has to do with vcore, it could be set low in your bios.
  29. thanks, i thinks it was the xp cd. i tried a different cd and it worked fine and havn't had a problem since. must have been scratched!
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