Case fan vs Processor fan problem

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I bought an 8 dollar side fan that I wanted to fit into my Antec 902 case, but the monster that is the 120 extreme simply won't allow it. I'm seriously considering getting a cooler master instead just so I can have the blue led lights from the Aprevia side fan.

Current setup (Will be upgrading often):

Antec 902 case
I5 750
P55-UD3 mobo
5850 GPU
Corsair 750W TX PSU
1 TB F3 Spinpoint HD
Bluray drive + 2 optical drives
Wireless Adapter card

Will be installing an SSD in Feb.

Will the fan that I listed that I want to buy be small enough to allow for the case fan that I want to install? As I said, the Tuniq was too big. Also, will the cooling ability be similar between the Tuniq and the Cooler Master? I don't want to downgrade just to get pretty lights
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    Well do the math: the Tuniq is 1.1 cm longer than the cooler master and your new fan is 2.5 cm thick so make some measurements and make sure that you do not need an extra space.
    Regarding the cooler master: I have no idea if they have taken the heat pipes tips under consideration when they took the dimensions, so pay an extra attention to this one as well.
    as for the performance the Toniq is a little better:,2535-14.html
  2. The other question was how does the cooling ability compare between the two fans (Tuniq and Cooler Master)
  3. Tuniq tower 120 extreme one of TOP 5 Best heatsink
    Cooler master no rating
  4. tuniq is a rated top class cooler... hyper 212 plus is an excellent cooler for its price/performance... the cooling ability depends on your cpu, OC levels, case air flow etc... in most cases i have seen or heard the 212+ works very well when the case has an excellent air flow and/or good ambient temps... so if you are living in a desert then i would recommend it...
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