E6300(wolfdale) or proven e5200 ?

How does the newest e6300 compare to e5200 - price/performance ? I see 2.8,1066 vs 2.5,800 with a 13 dollar price difference .

I have found only limited information online about the e6300 . Threads come up from 2007 about conroe . Well , how about wolfdale ?

Spending $150 - $ 200 what is best cpu,mobo,ram combo ? thanks .
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  1. In this recent review of the PhenomII/AthlonII CPUs they include benchmarks of the E5400/E6300/E7400 at stock clocks.

    the classic low cost setup is E5200, Gigabyte G31 motherboard and 2X2 GB of DDR2 800 RAM. The E6300 is the only low cost Intel chip out now that supports virtualization with Windows7 (if it matters to you).

    Also some overclocked comparisons at the end.
  2. Those old threads from 2007 are about a different E6300. It was a bad decision to give two different parts the same name. The E6300 that you are looking at is a 45nm Wolfdale part, just like the E5200. E6300 is just faster.
  3. I'd get the e6300. It'll run on a FSB 1333 bus without difficulty but the e5200 will have a tough time going from 200 to 333 bus.
  4. Thanks

    I figured for $13 more the e6300 would be worth it . However , this is not always the case with these things . So , I will plan on matching it up with an affordable mobo that has known overclocking options .
  5. I have a E6300 and a E5200, overclocking performance are similar, only real difference is the virtualisation technology. I run Virtual PC, on the E5200, it's performance is about 80% of the host and while with VT the virtual machine actually runs about 2% faster when crunching data.
  6. Here's an idea for that affordable motherboard which will run the e6300 to 1333 FSB at 3.5 Ghz:

    $55 w/ free shipping
    ASUS P5KPL-CM LGA 775 Intel G31 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
  7. its not really the same name - its Core 2 Duo E6300 and Pentium Dual Core E6300 - there not the same name and class, although the PDC E6300 owns the Core 2 anyhow thanks to everything higher spec'd

    as for "proven E5200" - the PDC E6300 has the same "proven" core so
  8. Well , maybe instead of proven I should have said "the most popular low cost decent performing processor". My questions have been answered and I thank all of you that replied . My cart from Newegg is shown below . Thanks again .

    e6300 , Asus P5KPL-CM , Kingston HyperX 4GB
  9. I have the Pentium E6300 Wolfdale. I finally got it dialed in where it's stable and I'm getting more than decent benchmark readings for a $82 chip. Tonight I installed W7 RTM x64 and installed the 64 bit version of PassMark Performance Test. I have my multiplier set to 9x, the bus speed to 266mhz and didn't touch the memory (PC6400 4 GB) or mess with voltage or anything else. It's overclocked to 3.6 Ghz and running smooth using the stock HSF. I'm new to overclocking so I'm not so sure why sometimes the clock speed registers at 3.6 Ghz and other times it's shown at 3.8 Ghz. (see below charts/links)

    I was just about to spend $230 on the Q9550, but I am so glad I didn't. I also installed and ran NovaBench 2, and my results jumped up from 381 to 524. I seen a Q9550 with 4GB and a 9400GT and it ran 523, so I'm estastic inside, however, maybe that other person hadn't overclocked their Q9550? I don't know, but I'm keeping this chip for now. No need to waste more money to get higher benchmark scores. The E6300 is very fast and multitasks like I've never seen before (this is my first Dual Core chip). I also installed Virtual PC and XP Mode. This works pretty good and I was even able to install a 32-bit software in the virtual environment that wouldn't install in the x64, including Cisco VPN.

    Latest PassMark Performance results:

    Novabench scores:
  10. u bought right processor brother, infact pentium e6300 is not slightly but by good 15 to 20% faster than e5200 and more importantly new e6300 performs same as 110$ dual cores(e7300/7400), good decision mate, btw i am also buying new e6300 in few days.
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