Want to upgrade old athlon cpu

I have an old amd athlon 1.2 thunderbird cpu socket A L2 cache 256 fsb 266
I was wondering whats the best cpu i can upgrade to. Can i get a athlon xp?
Would be nice if i can get a 2.0gh chip.
thanks for reply
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  1. Will your motherboard take a 333Mhz FSB Thoroughbred CPU?
    Athlon XP 2700 2.167GHz 333MHz Thoroughbred Socket-A CPU OEM
    Don't forget to order a CPU cooler.
  2. thanks for the replies, well i finaly figure out how to navigate taht asus website, and i found my motherboard on there. My mob the A7M266-M is not listed on there but theres a AM7266 and A7M266-D and the highest cpu they both show supporting is an amd athlon XP 2100. My pc is an old hp pavilion and i was wondering how much faster is that xp 2100 then my athlon 1.2 tbird and also how hard would it be to upgrade my mobo. Ive seen the xp 2100 for 10 bucks at ebay so its fairly cheap
  3. I don't think the 1.7ghz xp 2100 would make much difference but for $10 it might be worth a try anyway.
    If you're not happy with the performance after the upgrade you can start thinking about a MB/CPU/RAM upgrade.

    How about surfing over to the HP support forums and searching out what other HPs owners with similar make/model systems have used for upgrades? You should be an idea about other considerations, like a newer PSU required, proprietary motherboards, etc.
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