Best air cooler for AMD 965 BE

Hello, I have a 2 part question.

Part 1: I'm looking for a very good Air cpu cooler.

Part 2:I did check frostytech but the Thermaltake Frio got 2nd place for am3 but the thing I'm worried is the HAF 922 case is not big enough since its mid tower because I was told it might even take full tower for it and it might be too big for my motherboard I link below.

Links to my specs:
Thermaltake Frio-

HAF 922-

My motherboard-

I do plan on overclocking. my budget is $60
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  1. 1. Hyper 212 very cheap
    2. Tuniq Tower 120 extreme
  2. yea I was just looking at the 212 and it has very good reviews but its wierd that its not on the top5 for best cpu coolers
  3. top 5 price above $60 up u can get more review & rank
  4. hyper 212+ is anytime value for money compared to frio... but if you have the budget go for a more solid cooler than those two... if you can give your complete specs and OC desire we can recommend...
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