DvD Drive Not Recognizing DvD+R

Greetings friend,

I need your help. My original DvD Drive stopped recognizing DvD+R about 3 weeks ago and when I needed it, I figured that I should start to scan the forums and see what people suggested: I bought a new one. This is a Sata DvD+Rw (my other is the 24ish pin one) and it is doing the same thing, right from the box. What has gone wrong? I do not think that I need to update the drivers on the new DvD Drive because it is new ^^. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch mates!

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  1. You may want to visit the mfr's. website (Support/downloads) to see if there is firmware update for your ODD. Not all ODDs are compatible with all media, and firmware updates usually add different brands of media to the ODD's capability.
  2. Also, you should try taking the disc that you burned to another DVD-ROM to see if it reads it. If not, you either have a bad batch of discs or you aren't finalizing the disc, perhaps? Either way, take the media to another machine to see what results you get.
  3. Make sure the drive is showing up in the BIOS.

    First, delete the upper and lower filters.

    If that doesn't fix it, run this Fixit scan.
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