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I am building a computer. The mother board I am buying has amazing on board graphics, and I didnt believe it but I called the people and they said it would be fine as long as I am not doing intense gaming, which I am not.

My question is, if I buy a PCI card that has dual VGA connections will that cancel out my onboard?
I want to have multiple monitors but I want to keep my on board because I dont want to spend a ****ing fortune on a video card.

Here is my mobo:

Here is the VGA card I want:

As you can see, the mob has a hybrid SLI slot, but im not sure if that only works with cards that are better than the onboard.
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  1. That video card won't work. It is AGP. You need PCI-Express.

    Best Graphics Cards For The Money: April '09 : March Review/April Updates,2270.html

    Tell us about your power supply.
  2. Hybrid SLI Requirements

    Hybrid SLI-enabled motherboard and discrete GPUs (go to for a full list.)

    HybridPower-enabled power supply (go to for a full list.)
    Pretty sure a standard power supply would work.

    Windows Vista operating system

    At least 2GB of system memory

    Latest NVIDIA Graphics Driver from

    Systems BIOS programmed to enable Hybrid SLI
  3. Question: Do you have PCI ports or PCI-E ports?
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