Intel DP45SG - Can I use DDR3 1600 memory

Hello folks,
I have been give a Intel DP45SG mb and q9550 I'll upgrade my existing 680i and q6600.

A very reliable source suggested using DDR3 1600 ram since I will overclock - I know the specs say 1333 max fsb...

Can I use the 1600 ram without problems in the bios or board???

You help would be highly appreciated.

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  1. You should be able to use DDR3 1600 just fine, but the board may not recognize or acknowledge the memory's registered 1600 timings. In other words, if you want 1600 speeds, you'll need to dial those in manually (i.e. set the FSB/memory ratio accordingly). Since you plan to overclock, you'll probably need to do this anyway.

    The worst that will happen is that you have to run your DDR3-1600 memory modules at DDR3-1333 speeds.

    Oh, one more thing, you might need to increase voltages to support the 1600 speed. Running memtest86+ will tell you when your settings are stable.
  2. hellwig,
    THANK you so very much for the info. I just didn't want to buy memory that I couldn't use or cause problems, especially trying to return the memory.
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