Raid-0 Drive Failure

Hi, I have a Raid-0 system with two WD Caviar SATA drives:

My intel Raid Storage software constantly tells me that one of the drives has errors and it's rebuilding the drive.

HOW can I tell which drive is bad, if it truely is?

I've trid their Lifeguard software, but it doesn't regognize the raid array; or can't get any iformation from the drive.

I called WD and they said that the Caviar drives are not designed to be use for Raid arrays.
Was this a bad choice for drives?

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  1. WD recommends its RE (they listed as Enterprise drives on WD's website) series HDDs for RAID, google TLER. You would probably be better-off using one for your system and the other for your frequent backups of the first HDD.
  2. Oh. This sucks. I wish I had known about the TLER before I bought 2 720GB drives! If I dump the Raid array (BTW, just how would I do that???) and use one for backup - would this have an effect on system performanace? The other drive is still internal - is that OK to backup to an extrenal drive? Any other suggestions - I can't exactly afford right now to go purchase 2 new Hard Drives.. :(
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