UGH! How do I play odl games on a wide screen??

Hey peeps, I'm getting pretty annoyed here and need help. I bought a laptop yesterday, and despite the fact that I wanted standard size screen, all of todays laptops come in wide screen. So, some of my old games which do not support any type of wide screen setting are all distorted and stretched.

Is there a way I can shrink the size of my laptop screen so I have the correct amount of pixels and change the resolution to pretend I have a standard? Otherwise, games and some apllication jsut look to stretched.

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  1. windowed?
  2. windowed yeah... i think with most you can just add -windowed to the run line, can't you?
  3. ahaahahaha!! Yesss, found my issue!! There's an option on the videocard settings that permit me to choose the real true resolution without image stretch!!! All I have to do is set it to the same resolutions the games go on
  4. Even better, have an option that permits the programs themselves to set the max resolution the screen can provide without stretch.
  5. Yep. Most video cards have an option to stretch while maintaining the correct aspect ratio.
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