What will be NVIDIA's Response?

AMD has confirmed that the Radeon HD 4890 X2 will be coming out soon, and what do you think NVIDIA's follow-up will be?

Will they even have one?

Or will they come out with a GTX 285 X2 or something?
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  1. prolly, or drop the price of the GTX295
  2. Probably a price drop. Im surprised they both aren't focused on the next generation to be honest as saturated as the market is right now at so many different price points.

    Is it kind of silly to buy a new potential king of the hill this late? Maybe. Won't deny it sounds enticing though.
  3. It is not that long until the next gen. Personally, I think it would be stupid of them to make anything new (as it would be a huge waste of money for a small market) unless they already had something up their sleeve.
  4. Nvidia has ran out of numbers to use for the GTX series, so im going to assume they are done with revisions.
  5. well lets see ati the company will not manufacture as a whole a 4890x2 it will be company based example 4850x2 sapphire since we know for a fact that 4890x2 will beat gtx 295 given that the 295 at the current speed 575mhz .................. u know the rest i think price drop or an oc versions black top ssc ocs amp glh ................ FTW will be good 4 takin the crown back and since nvidia is working on single pcb 295 they might oc it but who knows we will have to wait and see i dont give about both really sitting on my current graphic card waiting 4 300 and 5000 series
  6. A 295 is a dual video card so two 295's in SLI are a quad SLI config. And one of these cards are already as fast.
  7. Next gen isnt due put til Q4, that leaves a small amount of time for a 4890x2, but a partner would design it, not ATI, from what I gather
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