1055t 4.0ghz overclock HELP

Hey guys i have a problem after running prime95 for 7 hours 34 mins i got an error here is a screenshot can u guys tell me what to do for it to become stable?
i got Zalman CNPS10X Extreme cooler
2X2GB 1600MHz OCZ gold edition rams
Gigabyte GPA890-UD3H
and are there any way to make it stable at 1.45 vcore?
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  1. anyone?
  2. 1) How much have you pushed your memory? It's hard to tell since I cannot see the memory tab on CPUZ.

    2) If memory looks fine, then you could try pushing the voltage one more step and see if you get stability. If not, then your other option is to step it back to the last stable frequency and call it. 3.8-4.0 is a good OC for the 1055T. I got mine to 4.2, but I am doing both watercooling and have DDR3 2400 memory that I pushed hard. I have since backed it down to 4.0 because was getting some flakiness from both Photoshop and Lightwave.
  3. numbers are 7-9-8-21-27 1T 762 DRAM freq 2288 nb freq and DRAM voltage is 1.56v
    i saw some threads about 4.0ghz stable with 1.45 vcore how is that possible i dont wanna waste another 7-8 hours and get an error help plz
  4. I was stable at 1.45. It all depends on the processor; some parts just work better than others. A small inconsistency in one of the pathways, which operate just fine between 2.8-3.4 Ghz, can cause instability when running at a higher clock. If you are stable at 3.8-3.9, consider yourself very lucky. You spend ~$200 and got around $600 worth of performance for the time you took to settle on a stable overclock.

    Just to be sure, run Memtest86 to see if your instability is related to the memory, not the processor. Yes,this could very well mean a few hours more testing, but at least you can rule out this possibility if you are trying for a faster overclock.

    It might mean all you need to do is back down the latency settings on your memory (set it to CAS 9) and allow for it to be more forgiving. You will take a very slight performance hit, but it might allow you to run at 4.0 Ghz stable.

    Just be aware of the possibility that you have reached the highest stable clock for your kit, and be willing to accept it. yes, some people will get a higher clock, but a lot of folks had to settle in at 3.6-3.8 Ghz also.
  5. so my new settings will be like 9-9-8-21-27 1T?
  6. I've been stable at 1.45 on my 1055t.. just depends on luck of the draw.. 4.0 aircooled

    I would check to see about going beyond 4.0 and see how stable it is.. See if you get issues when you OC to 4.2

    You might get more use out of OC'n your video card instead of proc but depends on what you are using the computer for.. I see more of a boost in gaming from OC'n my video card then my proc but both makes for a nice addition to framerates
  7. im using it for gaming i will oc my GPU after i make CPU stable. can u tell me your rig,your mobo and your adjustments how did u get to 4.0 ghz with 1.45v?
  8. radiumburn & Houndsteeth says : I've been stable at 1.45 on my 1055t.. just depends on luck of the draw.. 4.0 aircooled .

    vcore 1.45 4ghz for 1055T it's NONSENSE ! i think use 4 core & 2 core disabled
    very real 4Ghz 1055T is 1.52 above because 6core active, 1.44 stable for 3.8 Ghz !
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