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I recently purchased a PMP(portable media device) and a 16 GB Class 2 Micro SD card. Everything works fine, but there are issues with video playback. When I play a video off of the flash drive in the player, it plays perfectly fine. When I try to play a video off of the microsd, the video lags behind the sound. Could it be the speed of the card that's slowing down playback? Or is it something else?
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  1. Most likely the speed of the card (or the reader, since im assuming its a cheap Chinese device?)

    but yeah, microSD cards are typically class 2, unlike full SD class 6 cards. the speed will limit you. but even if the card is class 6 or more, the reader could still be limiting it.

    exactly what card, and what PMP do you have?
  2. It's a Sandisk 16gb class 2. The PMP is a no brand Korean PMP. The thing is, one of the videos off the microsd plays alright on the player. So what I'm guessing is, that the format of video helps, but I'm not too sure what the bitrate has to be. You think that a faster class sd card will make the difference?
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    A faster class Sd SHOULD make the difference. It will be about the compression type more than the bitrate (or rather, the PMPs ability to decode it). since they usually have the bare minimum hardware for the job, a combination of a data bottleneck form the card and a few dropped frames in decompression and you suddenly have noticeably jumpy video.
  4. Ssank youuu for the repliesss!
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