Sparkle VS XFX 9500gt Same Price!!!

Hi. So Don`t ask why, but i am about to pick one of these two cards.
The XFX 512MB 9500gt ddr2 or the sparkle 512mb 9500gt ddr2

I have 220w psu and i have a small case thats why i have limited my choices to these. Please do not reccomend other cards
as I am not spending more than $100, nor am i upgrading my psu.
I just wanted to know which one of these should i get and which is better in the long run?



Thanks :)
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  1. Buy the 9500GTs from Newegg, they are cheaper than Tigerdirect.

    And for your PSU, you should consider a 4650 or 4670 - both outperform the 9500GT while using the same amount of power. (Probably a 4650 just to be safe)

    4650 ~ $60 on Newegg
    4670 ~ $75-$80 on Newegg
  2. I cant buy from newegg, listen man, can you just help me pickout one of those two?
    Ive made up my mind and thats the only thing I can get. I need to know which is better :P
    the Sparkle or the xfx, I already know that im losing performance but thats my problem, and i just need to know right now only 1 thing, sparkle or xfx for 9500gt.
  3. Oh my god, once again, I said, "I have 220w psu and i have a small case that's why i have limited my choices to these. Please do not recommend other cards "
    So, those are two low profiles that are available in the store right now, out of those two, which is a better buy? Performance wise.
  4. It wont make any difference with a 9500GT but XFX is the superior brand.
  5. What do you mean any difference? Oh. But one of them has a memory clock of 1600 while the other has 800 :P
  6. Its DDR... Double data rate

    It means that it is 800Mhz, Double pumped so 1600Mhz effective on both.
  7. Also, is thier a reason for them being superior?
  8. Higher quality, better customer support and most importantly a much cooler sounding name.
  9. Generally, video cards rolls off of the production line from the same OEM (original equipment manufacturer), then a brandname sticker is slapped on whether it is Asus, Sparkle or XFX. Sometime a brandname like Asus or Palit decides on a custom design specific for their own brand (I'm not talking about a mere change of the heatsink), but are usually restricted to higher end models.

    The parent company of Sapphire is an OEM who manufactures ATI cards for most other brands.

    There is no quality difference between Sparkle and XFX. XFX generally has a better reputation because they have been in business of selling video cards longer than Sparkle. Also, their higher end cards comes with "Double Warranty" meaning the warranty will transfer from the original owner to someone who is looking to buy it second hand. The warranty only transfer once so if it is sold to or given to a 3rd owner, then the card is no longer under warranty.

    If Sparkle is the same company I am thinking about, then they have expanded from power supplies into video cards.
  10. No, Sparkle is not the same brand as the PSU manufacturer, I have a Sparkle 8400GS and i love it! They have fast costomer response for questions and RMA issues. And plus their cards have extra little feature sometimes like on my 8400GS has SP/DIF but my friends EVGA does not.
  11. Guess what guys, i have adhd and i just ordered the 4650 :)
  12. Good choice.
  13. So 'please do not recommend other cards' doesn't apply I guess?
  14. I thought you said you couldn't buy from Newegg?

    Anyways, not bad.

    The 4650 performs between the 9500GT and the 4670. I have it and get about 30fps average while maxing out Oblivion (except shadows) @ 1280x1024.
  15. lol, nice choice that 4650 should preform better than that 9500GT of yours.
  16. Like I said I have ADHD, and I didn`t know there was a canadian version of newegg :P

    And the reason why i wanted 9500gt is because i couldnt find the 4650 low pro anywhere!!!
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