Best program for monitoring temps on G15 screen - Crossfire 6870s


Just wondering if anybody can recommend a good program for monitoring temps for my system;

x4 965 @ 4.0ghz (Megahalems Push Pull)
Crossfire 6870s

When I had my previous 5850 installed I was using Everest Ultimate displaying everything through my G15 Screen - which worked a treat, but with the new GPU setup it hasn't been able to display GPU loading or Temps.

Am I right that Everest is very slow to update for new GPU models, and hopefully with patch this in soon?

Otherwise, how am I best to monitor my crossfire temps - ideally through my G15 Screen (for quick reference)?

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    give MSI afterburner a will work with ATI cards as well

    If you go into the settings it will have a little check box that says "display on logitech keyboard" or something like that (work PC here has the ATI catilist crap ) :lol:
  2. Great thanks - never realised afterburner had that function.

    Only thing is it won't seem to display all 3 temps for each GPU like Everest does - but this will suffice till Everest updates.

    You've also reminded me to set a user fan profile for this setup too - as previously I just had an Accelero Twin Turbo Pro @ 100% constantly, which was quieter than these reference coolers @ 28% lol.

    Thanks again!
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  4. no problem. :lol:

    it SHOULD display the GPUs that you roomate has 2 GTX 460s and it diplays GPU1 and GPU2 separately on the screen. tho im not sure about the keyboard as neither of us have the G15 :lol:
  5. It does display a temp for each GPU - just not all 3 (MemIO / DispIO & forgot the other lol Vreg?), though until Everest updates this is good enough :) as essentially it seems the warmest temp of the lot under load is the Afterburner reading + 10oC

  6. Found an even better program for G15 Screen Temp monitoring - HWiNFO32.

    Has awesome support - shows all voltages, temps and fan speeds for everything and is actually very simple to setup unlike Everest.

    Just thought i'd post this in case anyone else has the same need!
  7. ur making me want a G19 :lol:
  8. haha - i'm just glad its so stupidly expensive and uglier than the G15 or i'd have another reason to blow more money :D
  9. <<<<< has money to spend

    *adds to cart and leaves it their for further contemplating* :lol:
  10. Grab the G15 and save yourself any contemplation and 80$ ;)
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