How do I manually overclock Phenom II???

I have never manually overclocked a processor before except through hardware and software, so I need some help.

Firstly, if you note my specs below (Phenom II 555 and AMD 890FX-GD70), I have tried to use the MSI OC Genie in the BIOS built into my mobo and also AMD Overdrive, but each of these causes the system to freeze or crash. I have also installed a Tuniq Tower to help with cooling so my processor never goes above 32C degrees under load, so I know it is cool enough to be able to up the settings. Someone mentioned that my RAM is preventing overclocking, but I don't know if this is true either.

However, I have read that I should begin to overclock a cpu with voltage and multipliers, but where should I set them to be safe and yet get the best performance. I know how to do so under my BIOS, but I need some reference from people who have actually worked with AMD cpu's. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

P.S. Don't send me links unless they are pertinent.
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    1- Always overclock your CPU from the BIOS and not with programs.
    2- Go to the BIOS and disable C1E, Cool'n'Quite and Core Unlock.
    3- You CPU is a BE, so, is more friendly to OC because you can use the CPU multiplier without affect the other things.
    4- Go to the BIOS and in advance settings look for something that say "Adjust CPU ratio", the default should be x16. Start to rise in little steps with the stock voltage and test the rig with prime95, LinX, OCCT or y-cruncher in stress test mode to know if the rig is stable with those settings.

    Try that and let me now the results.
  2. So I moved the multiplier up to x17 (3.4 Ghz) and everything is fine. I understand to go incrementally until unstable. However, once I have the mutliplier where it should be, what do I do next?
  3. If you want go over 3.6GHz the 1st thing is a CPU cooler, the stock cooler isn't good for overclock. You need keep your eyes in the temps (HWMonitor or Coretemp), something equal or above 60ºC means problems.

    After the new cooler, you need rise the CPU voltage for rise the CPU multiplier without get BSoD or reboot problems. How much do you need rise the voltage?, well that's something that depends of your rig, even another user with the same specs can need more or less voltage for the same overclock. Try rising the voltage in little steps until you get it stable.
  4. I upped the multiplier to x18 and ran Prime95 for two hours with no problems whatsoever! My CPU temp was at 28C under 100% load (Note: I have a Tuniq Tower installed). I will slowly up the multiplier until I find issues running Prime95.

    So, once I get the multiplier set, what is the next step???

    Also, what is the CE1 setting in the BIOS?
  5. What BIOS feature increases the voltage on the MSI 890FX-GD70?
  6. The next step is look for the voltage value that can get the multiplier and the rig stable.

    i.e. my CPU (same speed that yours) can do 3.7GHz at stock voltage, but I need rise the voltage to 1.325V in the BIOS for get 3.8GHz stable, you need do the same process, look for the correct voltage to get the rig stable above 3.6GHz that is your current speed.

    C1E is a feature that reduce the power use and heat production of the CPU on idle mode, usually is disable for overclocking. Go to the Green power option in your BIOS and you can find there the C1E feature.

    In the same option (Green power) you can find the CPU voltage option, just scroll down the page and look for it. You need change the option that say "CPU Voltage", you also need change other two voltage there, but I will tell you later which are.
  7. Thanks for all your help Saint19! I will look into this tonite.
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  9. Some final tips:

    1- Set the NB frequency to 3000MHz for get the best RAM performance.
    2- If you change the NB frequency, you also need rise the NB and NB/CPU voltage, the NB voltage can go at 1.12V while for the NB/CPU voltage you need look for the stable.

    Good luck, if you need more help let me know.
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