External HD Seagate Free Agent not recognized on 1/5 comps

I have a Seagate Free Agent that I just bought and am having some issues getting it to load into the windows explorer. I have a couple computers, all running windows 7 professional. On all but the laptop, I plug the drive in and it shows up just fine. When I plug it into my laptop, no "What do you want to do with this drive" shows up, but the drive is connected as it lights up like it would normally.

In Disk Management, the top window which is the list of drives, it does not show up, but in the bottom half of the window it shows up as Disk 1 under my laptop HDD. I am unable to format or find the properties from this window as it puts up the error

"The operation failed to complete because the disk management console view is not up to date. Refresh the view by using the refresh task. If the problem persist close the disk management console, then restart disk management or restart the computer."

I have done both to no avail. The last weird thing is that the usb w/ green check mark that comes up in the bottom right of the taskbar does recognize the free agent as well as my "devices and printers" but I am unable to explore the drive like i am w/ my local (C:) drive.

Any ideas?
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  1. Have you tried going to start>run>g:
    or insead of G: insert the drive it is allocated like D: for example.
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