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hey guys. i been trying to overclock e4300. gf7050m7 mobo, 4 gb 800mh ram, 500 watt psu and 9500 gt gpu. i was looking on some insight because i only have the option of changing my fsb multipier between 6 and 7. i been reading all over that these chips can do well over the 2.7mh i been stuck at with 8 and 9 times multiplier. is it my mobo that wont let me use andthing higher than 7. im planning on swithching the mobo to a asus p5nd sli or somthing similiar. thanks
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  1. GF7050M7 sounds like an ECS motherboard. ECS motherboards have very poor (almost nonexistent) overclocking capabilities.

    Stock speed of an E4300 is 1.8 GHz (200MHz X 9). If you clear the BIOS, you should be running at that.

    My old ECS motherboard would let me change the FSB freq. If you have 266 MHz available, try changing the FSB freq. The same thing might work with 333 MHz.

    You may need to decrease the internal multiplier to find a bootable speed.
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