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i just got flight simulator x for easter eagerly anticipating it.... i saw some videos on youtube graphics looked great i went to my moms work to pickup an un used computer its an hp nice flat screen i brought it home worked fine i installed flight simulator i got the gold edition.... once i realized theres an accelreation disc i tried to install that it said something about my video card or graphics card 1.0 something so i went to fly at chicago o'haire airport INTL the graphics looked better than my 98 simulator lol but not what i saw in the youtube videos so i delt with it i flew for about 10 minutes and it randomly exited.... and closed the program... its weird almost 2 weird what does any 1 suggest a new video or graphics card......... please email me back at jt132@comcast.net id really apperiate some answers
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  1. you shouldn't put ur email there, you may get spam, also toms send auto notification if ur post has been replied to
  2. ditto to what the above said about spam. not smart. second. what exactly are you asking. that post made no sense.
  3. Most of the videos you see on youtube are with all settings running at at least Ultra High, and you need a fairly beefy computer to run those settings in fsx.

    What are the specs of your current computer and what settings do you have set in FSX? Also what is the resolution of your monitor?

    This information will allow us to better help you with your problem!
  4. I have a Q6600 O/Ced to 2.8 with 8GB of DDR2 800 running on Vista x64 and an 8800GTS 512 (G92 core) and I have to have FSX with most sliders around the middle... and it still randomly hangs on me. I have been fighting this for a year and finally gave up and went back to Flight Sim 2004 (FS9).
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