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Best Valued 1055t Motherboard

Looking to build a new PC upgrading from my overclocked q6600@3.2ghz;

Primary usage for this new computer will be video editing, so what I'm really looking for is:

What is the best bang for the buck motherboard that can support overclocking to the magic 4ghz on the 1055t?

Crossfire is not important; neither is integrated video.

Thanks in advance!
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    Hi ovOpmOvo and welcome to Tom's forum.

    This: is a very good option.

    If you want sometime better, without onboard video, you need a FX chipset mobo.
  2. Thanks everyone for the kind suggestions!

    Actually, I already pulled the trigger on the M4a89GTD PRO/USB3; it was a shoot-off between that and the Crossfire Formula IV and a Biostar TA890FXE; Formula was too $$ for me and I have always built ASUS systems so the PRO/USB3 was it. Also looking to run my first water-cooled setup in hopes of attaining 4ghz.

    Sorry for not being as specific as I could. During the time of the OP, I wasn't really up-to-date on current tech. My goal was to build a system based off the 1055t for less than 600$ (for all components in a case minus the HDDs).

    Naturally, Of course, I went over my budget lol. :lol: . And going water cooling route didn't help either. Aside from the water cooling, I pieced together a system for 700$.

    I'll post back some numbers when I have everything together, still waiting for waterblock and radiator. I'll be moving my current q6600 as an HTPC for the entertainment system, and moving an even older Athlon2500+ to the bedroom (got rid of cable recently).

    Very excited to build a new system, and I'm also glad to be back to the underdog--AMD!
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