Building a new system. Running Windows XP. Is there a big difference in running a SATA drive on IDE emulation instead of finding and loading a driver to run it as SATA?
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  1. There isn't a big difference. On XP I recommend IDE unless you're running a RAID setup. Vista & Win7 have built in drivers for AHCI so it's less problematic on those OS's.
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    With XP it's less hassle to use IDE emulation mode since the AHCI (SATA) drivers aren't included - you'd have to use the "F6 to load drivers" procedure during the XP install and have the AHCI driver disk handy. That's not necessary if the motherboard emulates IDE.

    With Vista/Windows 7 AHCI is supported out of the box, so there's absolutely no reason to use IDE emulation mode.
  3. If I use the AHCI driver, which I have on floppy already, it gives me a choice between X86 driver and if I remember correctly X64 driver... Doesn't this choice depend on the version of XP I'm running... or does it depend on the processor?
  4. It depends on the OS. Use x86 for XP (32 bit) and x64 for XP 64 bit.
  5. Great... Thanks
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