Could someone give the once-over on new system please?

My first post here, and my 2nd build. (4 years later)

Anyway I would appreciate soemone hardware qualified or clued up, to have my system a once over so I know I'm not going to see it blow up or anything, would just like a bit of confidence on my compete system, you know what i mean :kaola:

Asus M3N78 pro mobo
Phenom 2, Am2+ skt, x4 920 2.8 Ghz
2 gig crucial DDR2 800 Mhz CL6
2 Sata HDD's 80 gig and 200 gig
Sapphire Radeon 4830 GPU
corsair 400 watt CX PSU (30 amps on 12 volt rail)
Coolermaster 330 elite Black case

Will my PSU supply enough power for the above? That's what i'm worried about! But maybe I've no need to be!

Many Thnx in advance!
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  1. The PSU is fine for that system, and only $43 shipped at

    If you don't mind MIR, here's 4GB for less than your 2GB:
  2. Cheer's! I thought the PSU in my heart of hearts would be okay! So thank-you!:-)

    That RAM looks nice...though Im im the UK, shipping it might cost a lot..
  3. Yeah newegg doesnt ship to anywhere but the US and Canada, so you would have to find that at a UK retailer.
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