NForce 590 SLI MB. Processor upgrade question

Hi folks,
I'm new here, so I hope this is the proper forum. I currently have an nforce 590 SLI motherboard with an Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66 dual core processor. I'd like to look at upgrading the processor. What is the best dual-core processor I could get right now? Any info would be appreciated as I've never upgrade a processor before.
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  1. We will need more detail on what motherboard you have to determine what CPUs are compatible with it. Specifically we need the manufacturer and model number of your motherboard.

    However, TBH, any dual core you get will be only a marginal improvement over what you have. Depending what you use the PC for and what you feel is performing slow, there may be other upgrades that will provide the performance your looking for.
  2. It is a Dell OYF432. I mostly play flight simulator. I have an 8800 GTS and 4gb ram. I just would like to explore if a processor upgrade would be significant. FS is a very processor hungry simulator due to the 3d range and many other variables. Thanks for the reply
  3. Which model of Dell computer is it in?
  4. The chipset only supports up to E/X6x00 or Q(X)6x00


    That's not to say your specific motherboard does, as stated, we need the specific Dell model
  5. I have an XPS 700
  6. I guess I forgot to also add another question. I've never attempted to overclock my system, but have found articles on how it's done. Would this help flight sim out? I use FS2004 and FSX
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