Dell Inspiron 5150 batterey charge port broke off inside computer

I want to get all of the information off, but the battery is dead. Is there a way to connect a desktop to it and use the desktop power to get files off? What other ways are there to get the files off of the dead laptop?
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  1. Well, your best option will be to extract the broken plug and use another charger.

    If this is not possible, you can purchase adapters for connecting laptop hard drives to desktop PCs, but you will need to be confident in your ability to remove the hard drive from the laptop.
  2. first off taking apart a laptop is a pain in the ass and putting them back together is a nightmare that said. You can either open it up and solder the connector back on thus saving your laptop or you can pull the drive and plug it into a desktop using an adapter. As to that adapter i used to have one but it got lost and i haven't been able to find another, so if anyoe knows where to find another let me know.
  3. I repair around 10-12 laptops with broken PSU connectors on them each week at my shop.
    Get it to a good company and they should be able to strip it and solder a new connector on there for you (assuming it has not damaged components in the area).

    If not, out comes the hard disk and plop it into a caddy.
    If you had a password on your profile you will need xp pro/xp home in safe mode or vista to change the security permissions to be able to access that profiles 'my documents' folder however.
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