My PC is becoming slower and slower and telling me it has 0 space on 'C' drive. I have just bought a Seagate external hard drive in order to free some space but have no idea how to use it. After plugging it in and going through the Auto set I am stuck and have no idea what I am supposed to do in order to make some space on C Drive. Please can someone help?????
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  1. You didn't say which OS you are using, but have you tried running "disk cleanup"? In XP it's under programs/accessories/system tools.

    Also, you can move any pictures, music files, and data files to the new hard drive to make space on your current drive.
  2. Hi,
    OS is Windows Vista
  3. Disk cleanup is in the same place in vista, "All Programs/accessories/system tools".
  4. Hawkeye22 said:
    Disk cleanup is in the same place in vista, "All Programs/accessories/system tools".

    Thank you for your advice but it tells me in order to run a disk clean up I need at least 15% free space and I have 0% free space - sorry I'm being a bit thick here but just desparate to get pc back to health!
    Any advice greatly appreciated
  5. Hi,

    Move the stuff from your My documents folder, then all the folders and big files from your desktop.

    Move any, movies, music,picture.

    BONUS: Uninstall any games, reinstall them by manually setting them on the other drive on the other drive.

    The rest should be manageable.
  6. You may also want to try windirstat. It will show a graph of your hard drive showing you which files are taking up the most space. Some of these may be eligible for moving to the other drive.
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