E8400 compatability

hey guys im new to the forums, i just had a question about my new cpu i just bought

i wana know if the intel e8400 is compatible with the asus p5k motherboard, i for some reason had no luck booting my computer upon install, it just stayed on the asus booting screen and i couldnt go to my bios or anything, now i was reading that i need to flash my mobo or something like that but ive never done this before and apparently i need to make it so its set to have a bios setting compatible with the e8400, could someone explain to me in a simple way on how i can manage to redo my bios to configure it for a e8400

thank you :D
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  1. You can use a floppy bootdisk and flash your bios the old fashion way downloading the file off asus website. Or asus includes it's crashfree bios recovery program on some of it's motherboard cd's. Never used it; you'll have to research it yourself.
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