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Asus crosshair IV Formula

is that mobo compatibly with this ram? Corsair Dominator 4 GB PC3-12800 1600MHz Dual Channel Core i3 i5 i7 DDR3 CAS 7 Memory Kit CMP4GX3M2C1600C7

+ XFX 5850
+ ocz vertex 2 60gb
+ 850w psu (corsair)
+ AMD 1090t
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  1. according to amd the 1090t doesnt support 1600MHz ram?
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    AMD don't support 1600 at stock, but with OC isn't a problem.

    The kit that you list isn't in the QVL of the mobo, but even that you can try to run it, maybe works maybe not.

    This: is on the QVL for that mobo, is very good for a good price.

    This is good too, and is on the QVL of the mobo:
  3. do they sell that mushkin one anywhere?
  4. Sure, with any one of those you can hit the 4GHz, I'd go for the 2nd one, the Ripjaws 1600 blue are very good and works at rated speed with that mobo.
  5. ahh okay thanks.. do you know any site that sells it besides neweeg because shipping is killer.
  6. with the second one i would need to go in to my bios and change multipliers?
  7. The second one comes with free shipping, and be don't know if you need change something in the BIOS until you install the RAM on the mobo.
  8. what about these.|20-231-276^20-231-276-TS%2C20-231-303^20-231-303-TS%2C20-231-369^20-231-369-TS%2C20-231-370^20-231-370-TS%2C20-231-371^20-231-371-TS
  9. I'm prefer the Blue Ripjaws, the fans don't give any advantage and the CL of some of those kits isn't good.
  10. ahh okay thanks..
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