61 degrees celsius on GeForce 6150 LE/nForce 430 Chipset?

Ok. So I have a GeForce 6150 LE/nForce 430 Chipset integrated graphics, with default clocks of 425 MHz Core and 532 MHz memory. I have overclocked them to 550 MHz core and kept the memory clock unchanged (532 MHz). After running many stress tests, this overclock seems stable. However, NVIDIA System Monitor shows that the nForce Temp is at 60-61 degrees C at maxmium stress (up from 54-55 C before overclocking). Is this temp still at the normal range, and will it fry my motherboard? I live in Canada so it is currently late Fall with room temperature at 11-15 degrees C. Oh, and I do some non-serious gaming (FS2004, UK Truck Simulator) for around an hour a day or less, and since these are relatively old games, I seldomly have to stress my video card. Thanks!

And I have an HP Pavillion m7750n Media Center PC (Desktop) with a A8M2N-LA (NodusM3) motherboard and stock cooling (air).
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  1. 61C is not a concern. My GPU runs at 57C at idle at stock settings. I wouldn't worry about it unless you start approaching 80C (which still won't even make water evaporate).
  2. should I try to overclock core more then? I have integrated GPU so i cant overclock memory clock. Core default speed is 425 MHz and overclocked currently to 550 MHz?
  3. OK I have it overclocked stable at 569 MHz (575 MHz= blue screen) and temps of nForce are 44-45C idle and 58-61C max stress. Is this still normal range? Bare in mind that since it is late-fall, my room temp is now at 14C to 16C. Thanks!
  4. GPU's will work up to 120C although I don't recomend that you let it get anywhere near that temprature. About 60C is a good maximum temprature. GPU's are designed to work at a much higher tempratures than CPU's
  5. Perhaps a couple of you missed the part where he mentions its an onboard GPU, regardless 60C is fine. Would suggest you drop it down to 560 / 565 though. Don't want to damage your Mobo if you get blue screens at 575.
  6. Thanks a lot guys =), but I was also wondering, since I have 128 MB dedicated memory and 1200 MB shared video memory in this video card, would I effectively have around 1300MB of video RAM on my "graphics card", since the "dedicated video ram" is leeched off from system RAM as is the shared graphics memory and so they both run at the same memory clock (533 MHz). I know many of you would say that shared graphics memory is slower than dedicated, but since my dedicated memory is from system RAM in the first place, wouldn't it be the same speed? Thanks!
  7. and also, so the temps on my mobo isn't a concern and it would not fry any components?
  8. ...because the blue screen at 575 MHz only happened 10 minutes into a truck sim game (didnt happen during any benchmarks or stability tests) and it wasnt a blue screen as much as the PC just stopped responding/hung-- so I suspect that it was just the game that couldn't handle the clock rates.
  9. Thanks, I'm buying a new graphics card at Christimas. However, for now, since 569 MHz core is stable, should I try for 590 MHz core clock(my dream overclock on this card) or is the 20 MHz increase not worth the temps?
  10. So if it is stable at 569MHz I should leave it?
  11. 1)No

    lol guess I'll just stay at 569 MHz
  12. OK. In terms of proper ventilation, how much space should I give each side of the PC (from the wall)?

    Also, I know that the back and side with all the holes need the most space, but what about the side that doesnt have any holes and the front? (see below)

    Side with holes:

    Side without:

  13. Use common logic.Just don't tape a pillow on it.Just leave some space.
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