Cpu temperature

What is the difference between core #0, core #1, core #2 and core #3?
core #0 is running at 49 degrees, how do i cool it down?

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  1. The number. Get cool air over it. Now, more seriously,

    What program are you getting this data from?
    What cpu do you have?
    What cooler/heat sink are you using?

    If the number you report is the temp of one of the processor cores in your cpu, and if the reading is at idle, then maybe the temp is too high. And with the info above we can begin to help.

    If the number you report is while that core is busy, then the temperature may well be just fine.
  2. Core Temp 0.99.4
    intel core 2 quad Q6600
    this temp is when it is very busy.
    How do i know if this particular core is in the cpu?
  3. Quad=4 cores, Any program that doesn't utilize multicores will make a single core hotter than the others because it is the one processing the information while the others aren't
  4. Since you have a quad, you have four cores. They are numbered 0, 1, 2, 3. CoreTemp reports the temperature of each.

    The temperatures will vary based on how heavily any given core is used, and also because some cores might report themselves a couple degrees higher or lower than the others just to be different.

    Bring up Task Manager and watch ythe utilization of each of your cores, and match that to the temperatures you see.

    49 degrees for a core running hard in a quadcore is excellent. Don't change a thing.
  5. i agree, don't change anything, it simply means that if you're playing a game that only utilizes one core out of the 4 that you have, that core is going to run a little hotter than the others... what do the other cores read temperature-wise?

    Also, check the temperature for each core while you do not have any other programs running (save for the Core Temp)
  6. but what is an acctual "core"?
  7. Core = processing unit. These chips used to have only one such unit per chip. Now they have 2, 3, or 4 . . . and more are coming. Your chip, a quad, has 4 processing units, each capable of what one old PC used to do.
  8. ok now when i play games my temp reaches 60-70 degrees.how do i cool it down?
  9. What is the temperature of your room when you hit 70C ?

    What heatsink/cooler are you using . . . the one that came with the processor?

    What is the make/model of your computer? What type of seller did you buy it from?
  10. im not sure what the temperature of the room was when it reached 70C, but i am using the heatsink/cooler that came with the processor. i have an intel core 2 quad Q6600...ASUS. i bought it from msy technology.
  11. You can bring the "under load" temps down by installing a better cpu cooler, such as:

  12. umm i cant seem to find this cooler anywhere. do you have any other recomendations?
  13. This review has a list of coolers that perform well with i7, but it should give you candidates to work through:


    Take careful note of two other things - the temperatures they are running at, and the fact that the i7 is overclocked.
  14. do you have to install the back plate? sorry about all these questions.
  15. NP. From the same review, different page, see installation, socket LGA775:

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